Strange People…

September 30, 2009 at 12:47 am (Annoyances) (, , , )

There’s a mother/daughter duo who are in my Environmental Geology class, and I have decided that I don’t like them.  See, I like to crochet in class because if I don’t have something to do with my hands, I have trouble concentrating.  Well, four classes into the semester, I come into the classroom to see them sitting in my spot.  We don’t have assigned seating but it’s generally understood that after the second class, the seats don’t change.  The room is set up with two rows of tables and chairs, and a few people sit at the first row of lab tables in the back.  I had been sitting in the second row of tables.  I’m super confused because there are a lot of other empty seats to sit in, but I take a seat in the front row and pull out my crocheting like usual.  The mother leans forward and says “Would it be ok with you if I asked you not to do that in class?  It’s really distracting.”  First off, what kind of question is that?  You can as me anything you want, you just may not like the answer.  Secondly,she moved into my seat and I moved to accomodate her and her daughter.  If I’m doing something that’s bothering you, by all means, move…just not into my seat.  There were a few seats beside me and even more in the front row that were vacant.  So now I’m stuck sitting behind them, at the lab tables, which have these awful, backless stools.  To make the situation even more peachy, the mother comes in the next time class meets and says “I’m sorry if I was a little harsh but it really is annoying.”  Then, the daughter flips her hair and says in an amazingly obnoxious voice, “Yeah, I’ve very easily distracted *giggle*”  Of course, I was all like “It’s fine, it’s understandable” but I really just wanted to stab her in the eye with my crochet hook.  Now that I’m sitting behind them, however, I can see that they really take the cake.  They don’t pay attention to the professor anyways.  They pass little notes and the daughter giggles constantly (which is way more distracting and disruptive than crocheting), and the daughter is texting half the time.  The mom has this little battery powered fan that’s on constantly and emits a high pitched whine.  At the moment’ the daughter is inspecting her hair for split ends and the mother is crunching on a Butterfingers bar.  Even the way they look is annoying.  The daughter is so skinny that all I want to do is take her home and force feed her bacon and brownies.  The mom wears long sleeved shirts and then complains about it being hot (hence the fan).  She also has “skunk hair” (dark hair with these weird blond polka dots).  My boyfriend took this class last semester and he said they were in his class too.  Somehow, they managed to fail this class…which I could pass using mostly knowledge I gathered in 10th grade Earth Science.  And holy crap, the daughter just called Yellowstone National Park “Yogi Bear Park.”  I’ll keep you updated about their antics, there should be some good ones.


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